leadership Workshop “Workplace efficiency through interpersonal relationships”

Interactive, friendly and committed.
— Vladan Veljovic, CEO, GreenSaver, November 2018
I very much enjoyed their (aka facilitators) joint and individual energies, and how they interacted with one another.
Excellent and thank you!
— Effie Tsergas, ET Offices Solutions, November 2018 (for GreenSaver retreat)
The training was great! (...) Great energy, approachable and very effective and cohesive as a team.
Thank you for providing a list of additional resources.
— Kaitlin Gates, GreenSaver, November 2018
Very informative, made the group relaxed, drove the session well, neutral learning environment and ease of introducing new tools
— Manager at GreenSaver, November 2018

Atelier "Ecoute Empathique avec son enfant, Collège Français, Mai 2018

Un gros merci pour votre atelier hier soir, qui était vraiment super, très concret et très profond, et je vois que les parents présents ont vraiment apprécié. Je pense que cette heure a apporté plus que n’importe quelles lectures ou conférences auraient pu le faire sur le sujet, grâce a l’action dans laquelle vous nous avez lancé!

Hier soir en rentrant je suis allée dans la chambre de ma fille, et l’ai juste écouté. C’était un très bon moment.

J’espère que l’on pourra refaire d’autres activités de ce type, j’aimerais rester en contact!

— Claire de Visme, Manager of Radio Presentation, CBC and Member of School Concil at Collège Français
A big thank you for your workshop last time, which was really great, very concrete and profound. I know that parents who were here really enjoyed it. I think that this hour had more impact that any lectures or conferences on this topic, because you made us jump into action right away.
Last night at home, I went to my daughter’s room and I just listened to her. It was a beautiful moment.
I hope we’ll do more activities like this one, I really would like to stay in touch!
— English translation from the testimonials of Claire de Visme.